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Carbon fiber, baby!

March 28, 2012

I'm holding a carbon fiber motorcycle front fender that they had in their show room. We'll take 100 of these guys!

Nothing says bling better than carbon fiber — it’s light, it’s super strong, and man does it look cool.  The stuff’s not cheap, even made in China, but we’d like to use as much of it as possible on M4.   Yesterday we took a trip to Flink International to talk to them about making the parts.  I located Flink on, which is in general a crap shoot.  However, we really got through to the right guys on this round.  Not only do they do high-quality work, but they specialize in motorcycle parts.

Flink was the first factory that we’ve toured that didn’t allow us to take cameras inside so this post is a little short on eye candy.  They start out by CNCing a metal mold, then they lay down epoxy-impregnated carbon fiber cloth (aka prepreg) from Japan in the mold, then put it in a car-sized vacuum oven to cure it.  I’m leaving out a bunch of steps, but you get the picture.

This is the founder's business card -- real carbon fiber!

We’re still working with them to get the final quote, but it looks like we’ll move forward.


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