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Fairy Lake weekend excursion

March 11, 2012

Sorry for the long delay in getting a post out; we’ve been doing quite a bit of running around visiting factories and vendors in the last week.  Anyway I’ll try to get caught up with the blog this weekend.

Last Saturday five of us headed out to the Fairly Lake botanical garden, which is about 1.5 hr northeast of the main part of the city.  Lisa Qiu, who left China for the US when she was seven, speaks quite good Mandarin and was able to guide us through the myriad of subways and taxis.  Actually, the Shenzhen subway is excellent and easy for a gringo to navigate.  I expect it is one of the latest subway systems built in the world — as a result it’s much better than even the best we have in the US.  The first photo is us in the neighborhood near our apartment.

When Lisa said “botanical garden” I had the image of a pleasant walk amongst well manicured bushes.  Instead it turned into a death march up thousands of uber-steep steps to the top of a mountain — little example of the steps is in the photo.  What the picture doesn’t show was the horde of locals who wanted to get to the top too.  All-in-all it was a pretty festive occasion.   At the top this Chinese fellow wanted his picture with us.

A large monastery was at the bottom near the lake.  I didn’t catch any of its history, but it reportedly had a 104-year-old monk in residence.  The monastery was quite a popular place with folks queued up to offer their prayers to bunches of Buddhas in various alcoves around it.  Lisa said it wasn’t sacrilegious for a gringo to give an offering so I put in a good word to the electric motorcycle god.


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