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Why we’re here

March 4, 2012

We came to Shenzhen to participate in a hardware accelerator program called HAXLR8R.  What’s that, you ask?  The intention is to bring eleven startup companies that are creating techy sort of hardware products together for intensive mentoring in business practices, how to business in China, how to find venture funding, and so on.   Of course doing it in Guangdong Province where everything from your iPhones to your kids’ toys are manufactured has an obvious advantage.

We’re just two days into the program but I can see huge benefits.  First off, it’s geek hog heaven; we’re really found our tribe and are having tons of fun talking everything from ICs to VCs with the comrades.   Second, while the business mentoring is just getting kicked off, it’s still a hyperventilating experience.  On Friday, Scott Miller, one of the mentors and the president of Dragon Innovation, ran us through a couple of hours of the ins and outs of getting stuff built here.  It was both exciting and daunting but it seems it can actually be done if we navigate the mine field carefully.

I’ve got to be a bit coy on the other companies in the program because the Cyril Ebersweiler, the big dog, wants to maintain an element of mystery ahead of our debutant ball in front of the VCs in San Francisco at the end of the program.  But two immediate observations.  First, our 150 kg motorcycle outweighs every other nascent product by a couple of orders of magnitude — and for the most part that isn’t a good thing.  Second, almost all of the other entrepreneurs are the age of my kids — but so far we’re still having a lot of fun together.

This post is running a bit long.  More later — and thanks for reading!

PS.  This post is mostly for our personal experiences.  If you’d like to see the business angle, check out the blog post on the BERI web site.


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  1. Jenny Devaud permalink

    Pretty interesting stuff. I sort of wondered what your trip would be like and am glad I can follow along.

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