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Getting settled in

March 2, 2012

We have a three bedroom apartment in a high-rise building near the subway station.  Here’s the view from our balcony and a shot of the living room and my bedroom.  All-in-all it should be pretty comfortable (although it is darn cold at the moment with no heating except for a wimpy little electric…).


Having the required boat-load of cash to rent the apartment was somewhat stymied by the bank rejecting about a third of my US$ notes.  It was a rookie mistake on my part not to get spankin’ new benjamins before I left.  Fortunately, Sammi, our local savior, was able to float me the cash until I can get enough out of the ATM.


The high-rise around the corner has a multi-level shopping mall with just about everything we need.  Here’s Blair on our first shopping run buying sheets, pillows, and pretty much the whole nine yards.  Even though we speak practically no Mandarin, the little bit we learned before we left is quite useful – e.g. wo bu yao zhe ge “I don’t want that one” etc.  The Asia hands will scold me because what I wrote it meaningless without the tone marks.  A Chinese version of WordPress out there?


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One Comment
  1. Great to read your dispatches already!
    So who says China’s air is polluted? I can see the high-rise building fine — from what, 20 feet away?!
    So no heat in the apt at all, or is it just not working now? Blaire promising to keep you warm?
    Can’t wait to hear/read/see more.
    VrooOOOM! (No, wait, electric motorcycles make no sound!)
    hugs, i miss you!

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